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24 Pc Gemstone Collection For Prosperity, Growth And More

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Rough gemstone collection kit

Rainbow Moonstone- compassion, calming, new beginnings

Pappite- tranquility, happiness, strength

Lolite- inner strength, tranquility, wisdom

Tiger eye- will power, strength, focus

Black tourmaline- protection, blocks negativity

Rose Quartz- love, energy, forgiveness

Aventurine- Prosperity, luck, success

Unakite- love, compassion, weight loss

Obsidian- protection, cleansing, self control

Fancy jasper- fear, frustration, guilt

Bloodstone- grounding, healing, energy

Quartz- healing, luck, happiness

Zeolite- healing, joy, happiness

Angelite- alleviate anger and fear

Lepidolite- ease tension and anxiety

Indian Turquoise- purification, strength, wisdom

Yellow Cobra Jasper- promotes awareness, calming

Sunstone- romance, luck, intuition

Brown Moonstone- insomnia, enhances patience

Moss Agate- alleviate depression, improve self-esteem

Sodalite- creativity, stress relief, calming

Tree agate- peacefulness, clarity, stability

Amazonite- soothing, prosperity, happiness

Amethyst- healing, stress, communication

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