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What are the most common stones in Native American

What are the most common stones in Native American

What are the most common stones in Native American

Rocks, stones and crystals have long held an important significance in Native American communities. Known, treasured and revered for their properties, these stones continue to be of high value in terms of the mystical and spiritual qualities they possess.

Let us take you on an inspirational tour of some of the most common stones and their meaning and significance.

Red Jasper

Red jasper has a ceremonial purpose in Native American communities. Once used as an offering during rain-making rituals, it is believed to offer the wearer direction when dowsing for water. Some of the Native American tribes also believed that those who were wearing red jasper enjoyed a heightened sensitivity to the earth.



Obsidian has a specific purpose to native Californian Americans as scarring the arms and legs was believed to strengthen the arms and legs of the men about to go out hunting. This beautiful black glass-like igneous rock contains several minerals within the rock mix. It was also used to craft razor-sharp tips on hunting weapons. The American Indians would carve stunning Apache Tears out of it that would have been used for jewelry. Obsidian is classed as a grounding and protective stone. It clears away energy blockages and relieves stress.


Agate can be found in a variety of colors. It has a translucent quality with semi-translucent bands of color that bring an ethereal quality. This lightness is believed to soothe and bring harmony to the community. It is known for its ability to provide protection, harmony and strength to the wearer's body. Agate has been used by medicine men and women in the production of healing remedies.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a deep blue crystal that has long been known for its healing qualities. For the Native Americans in California and Colorado, lapis lazuli was known as a Wisdom Keeper. This mesmerizing crystal guides the wearer to knowledge and mindfulness. For the indigenous medicine men and women, lapis lazuli enables the channeling of psychic ability. It also provides healers with the strength to bring about healing with spiritual medicine.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye

This is an eye-catching metamorphic stone that has a golden red-brown color and a smooth luster. It has bands of color that run through it that appear to shift their position within the stone as light is reflected. The indigenous communities believe this stone has more than one purpose. First, it initiates the wearer to continue their beliefs, and second, it protects against negative influences and the harmful influences of spirits.


Amber is a unique Native American fossilized tree resin that is between 30 and 90 million years old. Each piece of amber is entirely unique and sometimes contains the fossilized remains of creatures and organisms. This ancient, hardened tree resin is believed to contain a unique ability to suspend life. It reminds the indigenous people to have a deep respect for the earth and continue the spiritual stories of this community.


An incredibly rare, beautiful variety of pectolite, larimar is found only in the Dominican Republic. Ranging dramatically in hues of blue, white and green, this stone is often compared to the reflecting pools of the ocean tides. This stone demonstrates the personal relationship between humans and the earth.

In indigenous communities, this stone is used for healing purposes. It enables the root causes of pain and illness to be detected in the pursuit of bringing about a cure.


Often described as "fool’s gold," this gleaming stone resonates with energy. Pyrite is a protector and draws energy from the earth, shielding against negative energies. Native Americans would polish this stone into mirrors for gazing and divination. It was also used for ornaments and carved into decorative items such as shoe buckles.



This stone holds an important significance in Native American culture. It garners specific meaning to different tribes. It’s found in a spectrum of shades of blue, green and teal. This stone is often referred to by indigenous population as the stone of life. This is because turquoise has the ability to change hue depending on its environment.

Rose Quartz

Taking its name from its rose pink color, rose quartz holds special symbolism in Native American communities. It was worn for its healing powers.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx was used by Native Americans to repel the negative energy of others. This beautiful stone is also believed to bring the wearer an increased sense of determination.