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The Ultimate Guide To Different Types Of Chandeliers

The Ultimate Guide To Different Types Of Chandeliers

The Ultimate Guide To Different Types Of Chandeliers

A chandelier is an impressive addition to any home, and with a range of different styles on the market, there will be a light to suit your chosen décor. Whether you want something grand and palatial or more unassuming yet still exuding absolute style and panache, all tastes are represented. Traditional chandeliers have been a staple in homes for years, and they are created using gold or brass or even black, but the market today caters to contemporary homes and discerning homeowners. Glass, candles and beads all adorn chandeliers, and it is small details like these that make them a central statement piece to have in any room. From glamorous to boho chic and from gothic to classic, this guide covers what we really need in our homes.

Glass chandeliers will add sophistication and glamour

Add a touch of sophistication and style to your home with an ornate glass chandelier. Everyone deserves a little sparkle in their home, and what better way to achieve this than to dress up the interior?

Candle chandeliers are for the gothic-curious

Gothic splendor comes into play when you add a chic candle chandelier to the room. Don’t be scared to team it with some vintage household items or some wall décor, such as this striking octopus wall art.

octopus wall art

Antler chandeliers are head-turning and artistic

Classic is the name of the game with antler-style chandeliers, and they are certainly rustically opulent, making a chic addition to the home. With light added, the effect on the room can be enticing, and this type of chandelier makes an excellent addition to a country lodge-style home.

Crystal chandeliers add luxury and sophistication

Add a modern or traditional crystal chandelier that features elegant droplets to your room. A great decorative piece, each crystal bead works wonders to cast plenty of light.

Caged chandeliers for an industrial twist in the home

For a modern twist, choosing a caged chandelier is exciting, and even industrial home enthusiasts will be happy to see the variety. Add it to a contemporary open space to enjoy the light in its entirety.

Tiered chandeliers offer light at every level

A tiered chandelier features rows of jewels, and they look stunning in any style of home. With the tiers, you can choose either classic and traditional, or you can opt for modern tiers.

Modern chandeliers create a cool statement for the living space

Contemporary statement pieces offer endless opportunities, and they can be teamed with other modern pieces in the home. Making a distinct and instant impact, you'll be inspired to create a new room with an impressive and glamorous modern chandelier. Hang in a living area or above the table in a modern kitchen-dining room.

Modern chandeliers create a cool statement for the living space

Drum chandeliers add geometry to the room

A drum light is one of the most popular and desirable light fixture types on today’s market. They are versatile and delightful, adding a cool aspect to the room. Most people use them as the main ambient light source, and they are stylishly geometrical.

Traditional chandeliers add character and warmth to the home

You can’t go wrong with a traditional chandelier thanks to its timeless elegance and style. Classic and contemporary interiors both benefit from this lighting solution. Truly a focal point, this high-quality ceiling lighting should be a key feature in everyone’s home.

Traditional chandeliers add character and warmth to the home

Beaded chandeliers

Beaded chandeliers look great, and many homeowners choose them to create a perfect summer lighting showpiece for the home. They are more boho chic and are less glam than traditional crystal pieces, so they are more suited to relaxed spaces where you can chill out. Admired by younger generations and older people alike, they are versatile and stylish.

Ideal for any home

Chandeliers can be hung in a classic living area, or you can choose a modern piece for an open-plan living and dining area. An industrial chic chandelier is perfect for hanging over a dining table where your guests will be seated for an evening of entertainment. Suited to any décor, from neutrals to bolds to coastal beauty styles with their whitewashed walls, a chandelier will make a house a home. You can impress friends and family with your chandelier and create a talking point during a visit. Even in an entrance hall, visitors tend to look up, and when they see a striking piece, they will remark on how stunning it is. There are so many different delightful types of chandeliers that you will be spoiled for choice, so take your pick and live the dream home.