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The ten best candle holders of 2021

The ten best candle holders of 2021

The ten best candle holders of 2021

Candles are a brilliant way to bring warm light to your home. They help us relax, and around the holidays, they add a festive touch to interiors. Candle holders are a functional and stylish way to make sure your candles don’t spill wax onto surfaces or cause fires. They’re also beautiful pieces of design in their own right. We’ve rounded up the ten best candle holders 2021 had to offer to suit every home and style.

1. Natural mineral


Candle holders made from natural minerals like gemstones continued to be in style in 2021, with lots of people loving their aesthetic and the health and mood-boosting benefits they provide. Mineral candle holders, such as these made from natural calcite and selenite, spread a warm, ambient light and add a calming, therapeutic presence to a room. Plus, the unique natural form adds textural interest and fits in with classic and contemporary styles.


2. Tealights

Glass tealight holders are great placed around the room or spread over a tabletop, allowing candlelight to shine through and adding sparkle to your surroundings. Vintage-inspired glass tealights have been big in 2021 and look set to be big in 2022 as well.

3. Antique and vintage

Unique and individual antique metal candlesticks have also been in style in 2021. You can find excellent examples in vintage and thrift stores for a few dollars. They can also be great bases to accessorize or paint with your own style choices.

4. Wooden

Continuing the natural materials theme, wooden candle holders have been very popular this year. Wooden candle holders come in a huge variety of shapes, patterns, colors, and sizes to suit any home space. They are also robust and hard-wearing. Choose light candles to suit darker woods or distressed fruit woods for a softer look.

5. Ceramic

Ceramic candle holders are really versatile. They offer a neutral palette and sleek appearance. They’re easy to clean and look after and offer an interesting, contemporary look.

6. Candelabras

A candelabra centerpiece on the dining table adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, bringing soft, twinkling light for grown-up soirees and romantic dinners à deux. They also avoid the risk of a guest knocking over a candlestick! Metal candelabras are hugely versatile and can easily match with your place settings and crockery. They can also be paired with any colored candle to match your décor. Candelabras also look great above the fireplace or on the coffee table.

7. Lanterns

Metal lanterns look brilliant when entertaining al fresco or enjoying time outside. Black, bronze, or gray metal lanterns are versatile, and most are made with a ring on their top so they can be suspended above ground, adding a nice glow to your backyard parties and gatherings. They look great paired with plain white or cream pillar-style candles and come in a variety of different sizes to light big and small spaces.


8. Hurricane lamps

Hurricane lamps, as the name suggests, have tall sides to prevent breezes extinguishing the flame, while the solid base also stops the lamp from being accidentally tipped over and causing a potential fire risk. They’re ideal for larger candles to give a longer burning time. When not alight, hurricane lamps also look great placed on a fireplace, particularly when different heights and sizes are grouped together. Hurricane lamps are perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

9. Chamberstick candle holders

These gorgeous little holders would have been used originally to accompany people to bed, providing enough light to get tucked in. Some are very elaborate, but many have a simple, stylish design. They’re crafted in a huge variety of materials ranging from pottery to silver, and placing a selection of them on your coffee or dining table is an attractive way to add light without needing tall candlesticks.

10. Concrete candle holders

A candle holder that you make yourself can be the most satisfying of all. Concrete candle holders have been in style this year; the simple shape and understated decoration means that they mix well with different colored and textured candles. You can make your own candle holders using silicone molds and a basic concrete mix to create a huge variety of shapes and patterns. Decorate with stones and use different colors to accentuate your interiors.

Make your dark nights light with this pick of versatile and stylish candle holders. We’re looking forward to seeing what 2022 brings!