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The Meaning Behind Native American Stones

The Meaning Behind Native American Stones

The Meaning Behind Native American Stones

A Native American is someone who is indigenous to North America and the United States in particular. Someone can be described as indigenous if they are related to or are a descendant of the initial inhabitants of an area of land. Native Americans are also sometimes referred to as American Indians, Indigenous Americans, or First Americans. There are 574 formally acknowledged tribes living in the United States as of today.

It is believed that Native Americans were making jewelry as far back as 8800 BC. During this time in history, indigenous tribes would shape colorful stones into items that they could wear as jewelry. As the passage of time went on, the jewelry-making abilities of the tribes got better and they were able to use some more advanced skills, such as silversmithing, to create the pieces. The pieces that each tribe made had something about them - such as an identification symbol - that distinguished them from the jewelry that the other tribes were making.

One of the most important pieces of Native American jewelry are gemstones. Gemstones are integrated into almost all Native American jewelry because each stone has a specific meaning attached to it. The meanings behind just a selection of gemstones can be found below.


Agate is a gemstone that is available in a wide range of different colors, and they are therefore sometimes referred to as "the earth's rainbow". Agates were some of the earliest gemstones to be used as jewelry. The stone can be described as a cleansing stone as its purpose is said to be to heal the body and relax the mind. It is also believed to shield children from danger.


Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate is a member of the agate variety of gemstones and is layered with blue bands. The shade of blue changes from stone to stone. Some stones can be a very pale blue, and some can be a deep velvet shade of blue. It is said that the stone gives its wearer feelings of freedom and happiness. The stone is cold to touch, and it is therefore believed that it will keep you calm, collected, and composed when going about your day.


Coral is an organic gem as it is formed by a living organism. They are created in the sea by marine creatures known as coral polyps that look like the branches of a tree. They are usually red or orange in color. Because of the stone’s perseverance at emerging from the ocean, it is said that it has the power to help its wearer with their health and protection when they are traveling.



Quartz is a very common mineral that is available in a wide selection of colors. However, pure quartz has no color at all. It is quartz’s impurities that result in lots of different colors. By wearing quartz, the wearer is believed to be able to increase their connection with the spiritual world and even exhibit their own magical powers.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a member of the quartz family of gemstones and is the color of a pale rose, as the name suggests. The stone is meant to show that you love not only yourself, but that you love those around you as well.


Turquoise is quite possibly one of the oldest and most complex gemstones known to man. It is blue in color, and once it has been crafted, it has thin lines surrounding it that almost look like a spider's web. In order for turquoise to be formed, a lot of chemical reactions must occur in exactly the right conditions over centuries. Turquoise is usually the focal point of most Native American jewelry. The stone is meant to bring good luck to its wearer when it comes to both positivity and health.

There has never been just one purpose of Native American jewelry as it has had many different uses over the centuries. It has been used as a commodity to trade with as well as a fashion piece, but it has always been a demonstration of the indigenous people's culture and is a symbolic representation of their pride and standing.

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