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How To Use Taupe Color in Your Home Décor

How To Use Taupe Color in Your Home Décor

How To Use Taupe Color in Your Home Décor

Taupe is a popular color in home design. Its warming tones give the house a modern, comfortable feel and the color goes with a lot of others. Whether you use taupe to give white walls a sophisticated look or use it as a neutral tone and a base for more vibrant tones, taupe is the color to decorate your home with. Here are some great ideas for how to use taupe in your home décor.

What Is Taupe?

Taupe is a color somewhere between brown and gray. As with most colors, the hues range from a light shade to a darker shade. If you are looking for taupe, you may find it placed under other names such as mink, sandstone, or beige.


Most people opt for neutrally toned walls as they work well with other color schemes, which means that you aren’t forced to repaint the walls if you change the furniture. A light shade of taupe can look stunning as it is a warm, tonal color that can really make your house a home. It is darker than cream or magnolia but not as stark as white. It looks fresh and interesting if it is blended with white, however, so a white baseboard or ceiling will add a touch of sophistication to your room.


Feature walls look very stylish. If you are going to paint the walls white, a feature wall that contains taupe as a base color will offer a subtle contrast. If you are looking for something more vibrant, paint your walls a light shade of taupe and offset with a colorful feature wall such as turquoise or violet.


Taupe carpet or flooring looks fantastic and will work well with the rest of your furniture. You can opt for a darker shade of taupe as it won’t show as many marks. This is fantastic if you have pets or kids around and you don’t want to have to scrub the floor or carpet too often. If you don’t have this problem, a lighter shade of taupe can bring your home to life without making it look overdone.

Soft Furnishings

If you want to add a subtle shade of taupe without having to re-paint or re-carpet your home, soft furnishings are the best way of adding the color.

Soft Furnishings

Taupe furniture looks great and doesn’t show stains too easily. A sofa or two in this shade can finish off your living room perfectly. For a more cost-effective way of adding this color, taupe sofa cushions can look divine depending on the tone of your sofa. Add a few cushions and vary between plain and patterned, but use taupe as the theme that pulls them all together.


Taupe blankets add a fabulous finishing touch to your bedroom décor. A duvet color and pillow set will go with almost any other color you want to use in the bedroom, and you can add a couple of neutrally toned cushions or pillows to add to the color scheme.

If you want to be able to change your color scheme frequently, a soft blanket or throw is an excellent way to do this. Place it over a freshly made bed and let the sophistication of the color speak for itself.


Taupe prints are a wonderful way of making your walls look fresh and interesting without having to re-paint. Add a print or two that features taupe, such as this Butterfly Painting, if you want to bring comforting tones into your home that will look fabulous in both the summer and the winter.

Butterfly Painting


Using taupe to enhance your lighting style looks superb. A taupe lampshade is a terrific addition to your living or bedroom space. It's subtle enough not to get in the way but will work well with a white or textured ceiling if you want your space to look modern.

To promote a cozy look, add a couple of taupe lamps at either end of your sofa or on either side of the bed. You will feel calm and settled in this space regardless of whether it is snowing outside or blistering sunshine.

Make a feature of a taupe pendant light over the dining table or if you have rooms with high ceilings. This will create a fine blend of modern and charming, and the height of the lampshade will bring it to the attention of guests without being too garish.

Follow these ideas to make stunning use of taupe in your home décor.