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How To Make Recycled Tin Can Candle Holders

How To Make Recycled Tin Can Candle Holders

How To Make Recycled Tin Can Candle Holders

Recycling anything and everything is important, and getting crafty as you do it is the perfect solution for looking after the planet, your time, your bank balance, and your home décor. Tin cans are one of the most versatile and plentiful things to recycle, and candle holders are a great way to give them a new lease of life. There are various ways you can do this, so here are a few top tips to get you started.

Be prepared

Whatever type of candle holder you decide to make, there are a few things you need to do before you start. These are:

1. Find some cans that are fit for the job. Certain shapes and sizes work better for different designs. Large tuna cans are perfect for hanging candle holders, for example, while taller cans are perfect for a more traditional design.

2. Use soapy water to clean the cans thoroughly and remove any labels and sticky adhesive.

Hanging can candle holders

Grab a large, clean, label-less tuna can and some washi tape or adhesive paper. Cover the can with the paper and make sure it is fully stuck and smooth. Turn the can sideways and use some tape or sticky tack to hold a tealight in place at the bottom. You can then tape or superglue some string to the outside of the can at the other side to hang up your can. The idea is that you hang the can with its bottom against the wall and the open end containing the candle pointing out. Just make sure that whatever method you use to secure the candle and hang the can you use is secure as you don’t want it falling and causing a fire.

Can and clothes pin candle holders

If hanging cans don’t sound appealing, there are plenty of other alternatives. How about a super-simple candle holder made from a tuna can, clothes pins, and a candle?

All you need to do is grab a clean can and place wooden clothes pins all around the edges to create a type of fence effect. You can leave the wooden pins as they are or paint them. Just be aware of how any paint will deal with any heat from the candle. You should always make sure that your candle is placed inside a little glass candle holder to prevent the pins from burning and becoming a fire risk.

Wrap it up

Another really easy idea is to paint cans of your chosen size and cover them using fabric scraps. This can allow you to use up remnants of your favorite fabrics and really add a personalized look to your home or outside space.

Wrap it up

Start off by measuring your fabric to make sure it goes around your can or think about using different fabrics to create a type of patchwork effect. Use white glue to stick your fabric in place.

The classic candle holder

Yet another alternative is the classic can candle holder, which is made using tall cans, paper, and nails. You will also need a hammer.

Begin by wrapping your tin can in paper and designing a pattern that you are going to carve out. If you don’t want to make it too complicated, simply decide where to place some holes. Choose nails that are as thick as the holes you want to make and start hammering through. You can make intricate patterns or stick to a simple, more random look. Once you have finished this stage, wrap paper inside the can and spray paint the outside.

The vintage look

If you like a retro vibe, you could shape candles to fit inside vintage tin cans, such as tea cans. You could cut larger candles to fit inside irregular shaped cans or melt wax so that it reforms into the correct shape. You can even make candles out of crayons; there are a plethora of tutorials online.

Nature-inspired tin cans

Carved Sailfish

If recycling makes you think of the beauty of the planet, how about going for a natural look when creating your can candle holder? This is a great idea if you want your holders to complement natural items in your home, such as modern wood arts like this Carved Sailfish, or wreaths and garlands like this Sea Creature Shell Garland.

Sea Creature Shell Garland

Use dry twigs or rope to wrap your cans and create designs that look perfect in rustic or minimalist settings. Thick ropes can be used to create a maritime look, and all you need to do is add a candle and show off your artistic talents.