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How-To Guides: Home Decor Ideas

How-To Guides: Home Decor Ideas

How-To Guides: Home Decor Ideas

Whether you are looking to uplift a tired interior space or you are just looking for one or two pieces to spruce up an empty shelf or cubby, finding the right piece is important.

We all want our homes to reflect who we are, and just like we enjoy updating our closets now and then, we want to treat ourselves to a set of new pillows or decorative ornaments to bring a tired space back to life.

Here are a few ideas that will breathe new life into your home.

Using natural materials

Rattan and wicker are a rapidly growing trend in home décor at the moment. These natural materials bring a real warmth and brightness to your home. Their natural, organic quality will accentuate any other eco-friendly materials you add to your living space. These beautiful materials complement both bright and neutral tones, meaning you can add them to your current décor and they will look great. If you’re looking for something natural to complement a rattan table, try our Wood Carved Turtle with root base. This pairing will work well in any room. At My Native Dreams, we also stock a beautiful selection of Native American wood bowls. These hand-carved pieces will accentuate any living space and complement any natural material.

Restyle a bookcase

Bookcases can be filled with more than just books. Adding carefully chosen home décor to your bookcase can elevate a dusty shelf of loved books to an engaging and eye-catching feature wall. Adding in feature accents, like vases and sculptures, will break up the view and bring style to your room. Our selection of exquisite ammonite fossils will add a sense of the dramatic to your bookcase and bring you closer to the history of the natural world. It's a truly calming selection of pieces.

Redesign your entryway

The entryway is the first thing your visitors see when they enter your home. You want this space to speak to them and make them feel welcome as they step over the threshold. A well-selected piece of art hung above a welcoming console table is just what you need. A vase of flowers and a trinket will surely give the right message. Try our selection of wall art, such as the Aluminum Torn Hummingbird, a fascinating piece of art that will delight whoever enters your home.

Aluminum Torn Hummingbird

Retouch the walls

No, we don’t mean bring out the paintbrush! If you just want to spruce up the walls, why not add some dramatic and eye-catching art? It will give you something to look at every time you walk past and give you the feeling you have your very own gallery. Fill frames with prints, photos and drawings that inspire you. Your focus could be nature, modern art, classical art or even those fantastic paintings created by your kids - your own future Picassos!

Rearrange the furniture

It sounds too simple to work, but moving things around could very well end up making the room feel new again!


Sometimes, less is more. If you have a room that looks like it has too much "stuff" in it, it's time to get rid of things. Take everything off the shelves, cubbies, tables and sideboards. Replace your treasures one by one and see which you can live without. Perhaps add one or two new items, like a candle. Try our Selenite Candleholder in Elegant design. Its translucent design will create a light and airy feel in any space. Best of all, when it’s lit, it will create a warm and ambient glow. 

Selenite Candleholder in Elegant design

Put your treasures out

Many of us have smaller items that we have been collecting for years. These treasured belongings don’t need to be stored in a display case; after all, display cases can look outdated and old-fashioned. Treat yourself to a shelf or a set of shelves. Line up your knick-knacks for all to see. At My Native Dreams, we have a selection of natural stones, gems and minerals that would look just right on a floating shelf or bookcase, such as this Smokey Quartz Point

Smokey Quartz Point

Add in greenery

Indoor plants will bring life to any interior. Greenery is a calming way of uplifting your home décor. Plants thrive when they are grouped together or sitting pretty on their own. Choose your plants carefully. Some love the light and some prefer shade, so make sure the plant will enjoy living wherever you decide to place it.

Give these ideas a whirl and you could breathe new life into your decor!