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Home Decor Tips - How To Style Your Bedside Table

Home Decor Tips - How To Style Your Bedside Table

Home Decor Tips - How To Style Your Bedside Table

Home décor is all about stamping your individual personality and tastes on your home, and every little detail counts. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary and the room in the house that reflects your personality the most. Let us walk you through what you need to keep in mind when styling your bedside table.

A clean slate

This is the first step to rejuvenating your bedside table. It is all too easy for these useful spaces to become cluttered and chaotic. Simply sweep all the clutter off and start the styling process with a clean slate. To help you remain objective, think about what you absolutely need on your bedside table before adding purely decorative pieces such as figurines.

Less is more

Impose a strict limit of six items per bedside table to prevent a crowded look. Also ensure that there are at least three items on your bedside table; anything less looks unwelcomingly spartan and utilitarian. An awareness of size and symmetry is also important when arranging the items on your bedside table. We recommend that you place the tallest item on your table in the center and group the smaller items in the foreground. This also ensures there is always a nice space at the back of the table to keep your bedtime reading.

Less is more

Complementing colors and materials

Whatever color scheme you opt for, whether it's pastels or monochrome, keep it consistent for a unified look. For solid wooden bedside tables, you should consider accessorizing with reflective materials such as metal and glass. This will create a contrast that is both tactile and visual. Alternatively, bedside tables with a shiny metallic surface call for the soothing opaque qualities offered by ceramics.

Tasteful task lighting

Many enjoy reading a good book before bed, and no bedside table would be complete without a lamp. Your bedside lamp should be the tallest item and should stand proudly in the center. Select the design and color of your lamp with care; as the focal point of your table arrangement, it influences the entire aesthetic.

Tasteful task lighting

Practical items

Bedside tables are the ideal place for storing everything you need on hand when you first wake up. However, utility can be made stylish! If you wear glasses, invest in a cute glasses holder. To prevent marks and damage, you should keep a chic coaster out for when you have coffee in bed. If you wear jewelry, consider an artisanal trinket bowl. These come in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors and are ideal for storing earrings, rings, and necklaces. Perfectly positioned by your head, the bedside table is where your alarm clock should live. Alarm clocks come in a great variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and styles, so finding one to blend with your existing décor should be simple.

Personal touches

Personal touches are what make a house a home, and your bedside table is the perfect place to display a nicely framed photograph of your loved ones. Alternatively, a pair of petite photographs can create a pleasing sense of symmetry. Ceramic molds of baby feet and handprints also make beautiful keepsakes that can be displayed on small stands. Personal touches can also include beautiful shells you have collected and other mementos.

Artistic flair

Bedside tables are the perfect place for small decorations. Display your artistic sensibilities with a free-standing artwork such as this artisanal sailboat sculpture crafted from Capiz shell and aluminum.


Prints and paintings

A very effective way of styling your bedside table is to provide it with its very own gallery! Hang a chic print or painting on the wall directly behind the table, level with the top of the lamp, to create an element of visual drama. You may like to select one A4-sized print or painting, or you could create a cube of miniature frames for a contemporary look.

A touch of life

There’s nothing quite like waking up to the sight and smell of fresh flowers. Plants are also said to help you sleep better at night thanks to their air purifying properties. Choose a single stem in a slender vase for understated elegance, or go for the opulence of a full bunch. For a twist on a botanical display, consider a miniature flowering cactus or succulent. These can be found in a variety of beautifully coloured ceramic pots, including those with quirky designs.