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Guide To The Best Chandeliers For Your Dining Room

Guide To The Best Chandeliers For Your Dining Room

Guide To The Best Chandeliers For Your Dining Room

A chandelier glowing above a dining table makes for an unforgettable scene. They make a magnificent addition to your dining room decor, especially if you enjoy entertaining guests.

When you think of a chandelier, you probably recall old-style fixtures complete with brass, crystals, and ornate arms. You might be wondering how these grand designs could ever work in your home. Don't let the traditionalist reputation of this classic furnishing put you off. A chandelier is simply a lighting fixture that dangles from the ceiling. There are many contemporary twists on the old design, so whether you’re going for a Romantic Modern or minimalist dining room, there are chandeliers that can blend into your space. Just remember to select one in an appropriate size so it doesn't overwhelm a small room or look out of place in a large one.

agate geode

Chandeliers play with light. To magnify the optical magic of your dining room, add crystal decorations for added luminosity. Our agate geode or selenite candle holder make perfect ornamental accompaniments to tie your interior together.

selenite candle holder

Antler Chandeliers

Antler chandeliers are a rustic twist on the traditional metal and crystal chandelier. If you want to achieve a cozy log cabin feel, this is the design for you.

These chandeliers retain the basic form of the old-school models, except their fittings are made from deer antlers. The most alluring aspect of this organic design is that no two are the same. The burrs and hooks of the antler horn give endless natural variations.

Antler chandeliers can come in single and multi-tiered styles. An extravagant multi-tiered antler chandelier would be perfect for a large space with high ceilings. The furnishings around it should have a similar tone; think neutral shades, natural textures, and lots of wood.

Antler Chandeliers

Circular crystal chandeliers

Circular crystal chandeliers are another contemporary take. Their sleek design features few decorative flourishes, giving clean lines that work well with minimalist spaces.

You can choose the right circular crystal chandelier for your space by selecting the right crystal cut. The smoother and more rounded the crystals, the more modern the look. Faceted crystals are a throwback to older styles.

A multi-tier circular chandelier is a statement look for the contemporary home, integrating the grandiosity of traditional chandeliers into a modern form. Their geometric simplicity will feel right at home in art deco or mid-century rooms.

Waterfall crystal chandeliers

Another modern take on the traditional design are waterfall chandeliers. Like circular chandeliers, they veer towards clean, minimalist outlines.

Although they come in diverse designs, waterfall chandeliers all feature pendants that hang downward off a central fitting or canopy. This produces a stunning effect that resembles a wall of cascading crystals.

This type of chandelier comes in diverse designs. For example, they can feature multiple tiers of flat, rectangular crystal pendants. This abstract geometric structure achieves easy contemporary elegance. A rectangular canopy decorated with a sheet of delicate crystal icicles offers another unusual yet modern look.

Sputnik chandeliers

This spectacular modernist chandelier is a must-have for mid-century dining rooms. They achieve an exploding effect with lines that radiate outwards like a firework display. With its spiky style and all-metal fittings, the sputnik chandelier is the most playful design on our list.

The sputnik chandelier is a part of 20th-century design history. It was invented by the Italian designer Gino Sarfatti, who had a background in aeronautical engineering. His design became hugely popular in the U.S. during the 1950s and 1960s as dreams of space travel captured the public imagination.

This space-age-set piece comes in a dizzying array of variations. The light fixtures on the sputnik chandelier can be either bare or cocooned by lamps in simple, bold shapes. Sputnik chandeliers with just a few large, exposed lightbulbs do well in rooms with other DIY details. Those with more delicate light fixtures evoke a far-off, twinkling galaxy. These look great in retro rooms dominated by sleek surfaces and bold block colors.

Antique brass chandelier

This is about as traditional of a lighting solution you can get. Antique brass chandeliers often come with curved baroque flourishes, multiple tiers, faceted crystal pendants, and even candle-shaped light fixtures.

You don’t need a banqueting hall or ballroom to bring these spectacular classic designs into your home. Antique accents can immediately elevate more informal spaces. Achieve contrast by combining your formal chandelier with shabby chic furnishings. Bring the look together with brass decorative objects like candlesticks on your dining room table.