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Fun Wooden Signs And Sayings ideas In 2021

Fun Wooden Signs And Sayings ideas In 2021

Fun Wooden Signs And Sayings ideas In 2021

Every home can benefit from cheerful wooden signs and sayings that will brighten up your home when you see them. Every year brings new additions to this fun home décor trend. Here are the very latest from 2021 and some top tips on how to style them.

Trendy sayings

Trendy sayings

Retire your ‘Live, love, laugh’ signs and look for some more contemporary items that reflect the events of the year. The bleakest of circumstances can often bring out the wittiest of humor, and 2021 is a great example! Signs bearing slogans such as "Covid Free Garden Bar" are perfect for decorating your yard. For a festive twist, there are signs with snowmen announcing, "Thank you for snow-cial distancing".

Cheerful kitchen sayings

2021 has been a year where many of us have spent more time in our kitchens, putting our newfound talent for baking banana bread to good use. Kitschy wooden signs with fun culinary sayings are as popular as ever. Some great examples include "I like my coffee hot, just like my husband" and imitations of dictionary definitions such as "Kitchen, noun. Where your culinary dreams are crushed by your kids' disappointed faces." For those with fussy eaters, consider poking some fun at the situation with a sign saying "Dinner choices: take it or leave it."

Toilet humor

Bring some laughter to your toilet with cheeky wooden signs bearing these rap-inspired legends such as "Wash ‘em. Wash ‘em real good" above your sink and "They see me rollin’. They hatin" above your toilet paper holder.

Useful and beautiful

As the saying goes, have nothing in your home that is not both useful and beautiful. Wooden key holder signs are certainly both! Inscribed with fun and cheery sayings, they will make sure you always remember to put your keys somewhere safe and easy to find. Other practical wooden signs include items with cute clothes pegs on a line announcing, "Lost socks: clean, single and looking for a mate".

Signs for your bedroom

There are exciting options for both inside and out. You may like to hang a wooden sign on your child or teen’s bedroom door that reflects their personalities and interests or is just plain funny. There are zany and eclectic choices such as "Building Zone", "Warning: Toxic Gas" and "Beware of the kids".

Make your guests giggle

Hosting family for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year? Guests love the little touches, from folded towels on the end of their beds to a humorous sign aimed especially at them. So, make them laugh and laugh with mischievous signs saying "Stay awhile but not too long… don’t make it weird" and "Alexa, make the bed".

Home office culture

With more of us than ever working from home, you can really help create a sense of work-life balance by redecorating your home office area. Whether you have a whole room or a nook in your bedroom, funny wooden signs can really help lift your mood and make you feel in the zone. Some super examples from 2021 include "Home Office: Pants Optional", "Work from home employee of the year 2021" and "Come in, I am already disturbed".

Enliven long hallways

Long hallways have a way of looking gloomy. Luckily, they are also a wonderful blank canvas just waiting for you to decorate them with your choice of wooden sign. Hallways are perfect for tongue-in-cheek greeting signs like "Welcomish: depends who you are and how long you stay" and "Welcome: leave your drama & your shoes at the door".

The wedding sign

The wedding sign

With small intimate weddings being increasingly popular, consider decorating your reception area with signs reading "If you’re crashing this party, you’d better be funny!" and "Awkward but enthusiastic dancing" with an arrow pointing directly to the dance floor.

Style it out

When it comes to home décor, proper placement and pairing are super important. Once you have found the perfect wooden sign to suit your family’s unique personality, you need to think about where to put it. Will it stand alone, or will you team it up with other ornaments? Creating a feature wall full of inspiring sayings and witticisms is a fun way to display your wooden signs. These look especially great in a home office, bedroom or kitchen corner. Consider hanging beautiful objects, such as artisanal dream catchers like this handcrafted item by Becky Valenzuela, among them for added impact.

Becky Valenzuela