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5 Tips For Perfecting Your Holiday Home Décor

5 Tips For Perfecting Your Holiday Home Décor

5 Tips For Perfecting Your Holiday Home Décor

Whether it’s by the beach, nestled in the mountains, in the heart of the countryside or even in a big, bustling city, your holiday home should be a welcoming retreat from the stresses of everyday life. It is a special place that calls for a different style of décor than your ordinary living space. Here are five top tips for perfecting your holiday home décor.

Tip 1: Create a welcoming threshold

The very first thing you see when you pull up at your holiday home is the front porch, so you want it to be a truly welcoming sight. There are lots of ways to achieve this. You might like to paint the front door a beautiful color, place a cheery welcome mat inside, and hang a wind chime just before your front door to greet you with a gentle melody. For seaside holiday homes, consider a delicate wind chime crafted from shells, such as the Saddle Shell Crazy Vine. If you have a front garden, hardy low-maintenance outdoor shrubs and trees can create a soothing and verdant façade. For those without front yards, this look can be achieved with climbing roses and a well-placed trellis.

Saddle Shell Crazy Vine

Tip 2: Take inspiration from your locale

Selecting a theme is a great way to set the mood for your holiday home. Your décor theme can be as overt or subtle as you like, depending on your tastes. We highly recommend that you take inspiration from your holiday home’s surroundings. If your holiday home is nestled in the woods, you might like to take inspiration from nature’s palette and implement a green and earthy brown color scheme. For seaside retreats, you may like to forage sea glass from a nearby beach and display it in a beautiful bowl, such as this Selenite bowl. Displaying local arts and crafts, from ceramics to paintings, is also a great way to capture a sense of the unique identity of your location and remind you of what you love about the area.

Selenite bowl

Tip 3: Combine style with comfort

A holiday home is a place to unwind. It offers you more freedom and privacy than a hotel. After all, you don’t want to worry about a rushed checkout, but why should you compromise on comfort or style? Decorate your holiday with sofas, armchairs and beds that are chic and so sumptuously soft you won’t want to get out of them. Ensure your towels and bath robes are made of the finest cotton for a sense of spa-style luxury. Keep your kitchen stocked with tea, coffee, hot cocoa and UHT milk ahead of your next trip so you can be sure of some creature comforts upon arrival. This way, you can have the best of both worlds: hotel-level decadence and complete ownership of your restful haven.

Tip 4: Create a sociable focal point

Holiday homes are where you come to spend time with your loved ones and to switch off from the stresses of your ordinary life, so keep this purpose in mind when arranging the layout of your holiday home’s living room. Consider placing a well-sized coffee table in the center of the room that is large enough for playing board games. You should also ensure a beautiful bookcase is at hand for those evenings when you just want to curl up and relax with a good book.

Create a sociable focal point

Tip 5: Go for a minimalist approach

Holiday homes aren’t designed to be lived in all year round, so they are usually smaller spaces than your main residence. However, most holiday homeowners find themselves staying for weeks at a time and are self-catering accommodations. This means you will soon find yourself needing lots of everyday items.

No matter what your personal style or theme is, your holiday home will benefit from a minimalist approach to décor. It will prevent your modest space from feeling crowded and cluttered. It can help to make a list, especially in areas such as the kitchen, of what is absolutely essential.

When it comes to holiday homes, it’s important to keep in mind the old adage to have nothing that is not both useful and beautiful. A good way of maintaining a neat and tidy look is to make use of storage solutions. Invest in under-bed boxes, shelves and stylish ottomans that combine seating and storage. To maintain a minimalistic aesthetic, make a quick but ruthless spring cleaning before you leave a part of your routine.