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20 Most Beautiful DIY Candle Holders

20 Most Beautiful DIY Candle Holders

20 Most Beautiful DIY Candle Holders

Candles add a touch of warmth and elegance to any room. Holders are available in every size and color, and regardless of your décor, there will be one to suit your preferred ambience. You can also create a DIY holder at home.

Create your own from beach finds

The beach is a treasure trove of curiosity, and adding sand and some shells to a standard glass candle holder can create a stunning candle. Place it in the bedroom to give your space some cool New England vibes.

Wedding candle holders for a formal occasion

A wide variety of sumptuous and elegant candle holders suitable for wedding tables are available. Alternatively, you can purchase the holders and customize them by adding ribbons in the color of the wedding party.

Black lace votive candle holders for a touch of class

Add a bold aspect to a room with black lace votive candle holders. The two-tone contrast will work well in contemporary settings at home, and they are perfect for adding to a wedding reception with the delightful lace detailing.

Add elegance with modernized brass tapers

The antique meets the contemporary with brass tapers that can be fully customized. Ideal for console tables, your room will be warm and inviting.

Stenciled burlap candle holders for the festive season

Stenciled burlap holders can be created if you are feeling crafty. Ideal for Christmas, you can use a store-bought stencil burlap and a candle holder to create chosen shapes. Add some paint and a touch of glitter.

Sponge calcite candle holder inspired by the earth

This delightful Sponge Calcite Candle Holder is striking and chic and makes a great birthday idea or housewarming gift. Taking its inspiration from the natural elements, it’s earthy and elegant.

Sponge Calcite Candle Holder

Selenite candle holder makes a contemporary addition

This chic Selenite Candle Holder embodies earthiness with an edge and will make a stunning addition to your home.

Selenite Candle Holder

Sculpted clay tea lights allow you to get creative

Sculpted clay tea lights will warm up your surroundings, and you can choose whatever color, style or theme you like. From Christmas to Halloween, the ideas are endless.

Farmhouse candle holder

Cottage style is brought to the fore with a warm farmhouse candle holder. Using old spindles, they are rustic and ornate with plenty of detailing and will suit a more classic interior.

Recycled wine bottle lights will light up the room

Don’t waste your wine bottles. Instead, allow the environment to benefit by upcycling your bottles. They have so much potential, and all you have to do is illuminate them.

A paper snowflake for the winter home

A paper snowflake luminary is ideal for adding to the home during the winter months. These delightful decorations can be handcrafted, and you can create them with a little help from an online tutorial.

Heart cutout tea light holders

Ideal for placing on the table for a Valentine’s meal, a heart cutout tea light holder will add some love. Bring them out for a romantic meal or an outdoor summer night gathering with friends when the sun has set.

Christmas candle holders for the festive season

Browse the wide range of Christmas holders that are unique and custom-made. Better yet, create your own!

Photo jar luminaries for personalization

Upcycle jars into glowing photo jar luminaries. They glow when you add a candle and add a unique touch to any room.

DIY frosted glass jam jar luminaries

Add white sand for a snowy decor and a warm frosting and enjoy the flicker. They can be teamed with any style of festive décor and certainly have a cool edge.

Lantern crafts for the family

These are fun to make with kids, and you can even mark Chinese New Year with red decorations. Easy to make, you can involve the whole family.

Lantern crafts for the family

Color block candle holders for a cool occasion

Perfect for a party or a wedding, these will add bold hues to the occasion. Choose your favorite color and go big on it.

Fairy jar lanterns for your child

These are magical yet simple, and the lanterns make a nice addition to your daughter’s room. Make a wish come true with a delightful fairy jar lantern.

DIY village luminaries allow you to get creative

Decorate a whole village using your recycling containers and your creativity will know no bounds. Perfect for hobby crafters, the ideas are endless.

Snowflake jar luminary for the winter

This is a great way to recycle old jars and create a cozy winter contemporary home using your artistic talents.