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10 Amazing Modern Chandeliers

10 Amazing Modern Chandeliers

10 Amazing Modern Chandeliers

Chandeliers used to be reserved for period properties with crystals twinkling in expansive hallways and above formal dining tables the size of football fields. Today, however, there are chandeliers in all shapes and sizes and fittings for all sorts of different homes and business premises. There is a plethora of contemporary designs, offering everything from sleek, clean designs with few details to futuristic contemporary designs and "out-there" fitting designs. Here we take a look at some of the best modern chandeliers, from more traditional forms with a contemporary twist to extravagant designs that could really create a "wow" factor in a larger home. These are some of the most extravagant - and expensive - chandeliers around but may give you some inspiration when it comes to light fittings for your own home.

10 Amazing Modern Chandeliers

1. Terzani Atlantis Linear Suspension

This Barlas Baylar-designed piece aims to add a literal wave of light in to whatever interior it is placed. The shade is made from delicate, gathered chains to create a shimmering, watery effect that feels like it is a living being. The chandelier is made by hand and is available in a choice of 3 different sizes.

2. Omer Arbel for Bocci Round Pendant Chandelier

This stunning shade looks like a bundle of balloons or water bubbles and comes from Canada’s Bocci design studio. It is designed by its founder, Omer Arbel.

3. Bocci 73V series

This is a whole range of chandeliers and light fittings that can make it look like different colored rocks are suspended in the air in your room. The pendants feature gradient colors and oblong shapes created from blowing glass into folded ceramic fabric. This creates pendant shades that have fabric qualities while being made of glass.

4. San Miguel Chandelier by Boyd Lighting

This is based on the church bells of Mexico’s San Miguel de Allende. It is made of solid brass and features almost 1,000 droplets that dangle from mesh panels. In addition to offering lots of atmospheric light, the chandelier also tinkles like a wind chime, while the inside surfaces create a golden flow that contrasts with the chandelier’s matte outer surfaces.

5. Terzani Volver LED Round Pendant

This breathtaking light fitting is available in bronze, black nickel, black, gold and nickel finishes and combines chains with modern LED technology to create a supremely modern piece. It is a perfect example of the way in which modern technology can be combined with artistic elements to create luxurious, elegant, modern chandeliers.

6. Umut Yamac for Moooi Perch Tree Chandelier

Colorful & Adorable Hummingbird Wall Art

Why confine yourself to looking at birds sitting in trees outside your home when you can have them suspended from your ceiling - along with the tree itself? This chandelier from Moooi literally brings the outside in and is created using delicate paper birds with luxurious yet subtle golden beaks and traces of the precious metal in their tail feathers. If birds are your thing but you don’t have the thousands of dollars required for a Moooi chandelier, check out our Colorful & Adorable Hummingbird Wall Art or our Cute Owl Wall Art piece.

Cute Owl Wall Art

7. Suspenders Vertical Ring Matrix - Glass Cluster Luminaires

Who doesn’t love bubbles? You can enjoy their magic at any time of the day or night with the addition of this stunning modular lighting system from Sonnemanlight. There are many beautiful elements to this piece, but one of the major draws is that it is made up of interconnected elements that can be customized and configured to create everything from tiered lighting sculptures to tiered webs in larger rooms.

8. WELLES Steel Long Chandelier

This Gabriel Scott design is the epitome of modern chandelier design and is made from hollowed metal polygons that interconnect to create a modular piece that is as artistic as it is practical.

9. Castor Invisible Chandelier

This unique chandelier is made from burned-out light bulbs mounted on a white powder-coated metallic frame and lit from within. This is an homage to recycling and the way in which one person’s trash really can be another’s treasure.

10. Bert Frank Rote LED Chandelier

This is a three-tier chandelier created into a cascading form using Bert Frank’s trademark Rote pendants. Each small, medium, and large pendant is created using brass and black slatted plates in the shape of diamonds. Light shines through these from the fittings' internal ring bulbs to create a mesmerizing effect, and built-in Bluetooth allows for total app control. Would you expect anything less for a chandelier that retails at around $25,000?